English Teas was established in London’s historical "Borough" area of Central London, the borough is one of the oldest and most historical districts of London located next to the River Thames at London Bridge.

English Teas is founded on a passionate commitment to care for its customers by providing them with rich premium Tea.

Our tea blenders have over 30 years of experience in purchasing and blending the finest quality teas and ensure that we only supply the finest quality teas to our valued customers.

By combining the expertise and experience of our tea blenders along with only the finest teas available we can ensure that every tea sold by English Teas is of the high standards that discerning tea drinkers have come to expect.

All our teas are picked & foil packed within days after harvesting to ensure and maintain freshness.

As well as our range of loose tea in tins and our packets of tagged tea bags for wholesale customers include tagged and enveloped bags for the hotel and catering trade.

We are constantly evolving and striving to improve our quality because we always care about our customers.

We always want to exceed our valued customer’s expectations, please tell us and we will do everything we can to make amends.

Contract & Private Label manufacture:

In addition to our own range of teas we can offer customers their own private label and bespoke packaging in a wide range of blends and flavors for relatively small volumes at competitive prices, if you would like to discuss your private label requirements then please contact us.










English Teas Limited. 64 , Borough High Street , London SE1 1XF .